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KENYA 2018

From 2 to 26 August 2018 an alliance of German and Kenyan students will be forged to work on a school project in Lodwar, Northern Kenya. Under the guidance of local masons and carpenters the 2018 project will consist of building two classrooms for a newly established primary school, which belongs to the Diocese of Lodwar.

Lodwar is located in Kenya and borders South Sudan, Ethiopia and Uganda. It is an arid area that experiences prolonged periods of drought. The only occupation for most of the people is pastoralism. 60 per cent of the people still lead nomadic lives, moving from one area to another, looking for water and pastures to graze for their animals. The majority of its population belong to the Turkana a niolitic people hence the area is called Turkana County. The world’s largest desert Lake is also found here, lake Turkana. Because of the nomadic nature of the Turkana people one of the big challenges they face is in the area of education. There is a high level of illiteracy. Only 30 per cent of the children go to school.

For more than 20 years, students from Germany and other countries have given their best to help struggling and developing communities. They have gathered amazing experiences and want many more young students to help make this beautiful dream a reality.

It’s important to realize that the KENYA 2018 project is not a sunny holiday vacation. We will work hard from sunrise to sunset. Of course there will be time for entertainment, sports, excursions etc. Your input is an important factor for the success of KENYA 2018. Let your talents loose: Think of presentations with introductions to the Austrian, English, German and Kenyan cultures, social games and some songs on the guitar. There are a lot of possibilities. The spoken language is English.

The trip also has a spiritual goal; to help each and every person grow in the knowledge of faith and learn to give the best of one’s self. The spiritual care of the participants is entrusted to a priest of the Prelature of Opus Dei, a Catholic institution dedicated to foster holiness in ordinary life and through professional work done well. The plan of activities includes some lectures, prayer and daily mass. It is important to note that these are optional, and each participant is totally free to attend or not; however, it is an important aspect of the training and will help the participant to achieve the goals of the trip in full. KENYA 2018 offers an amazing opportunity for a great and unforgettable journey.


The maximum number of participants in KENYA 2018 will be 20 students.
Time: Our stay in Kenya will be in August/September 2018; the exact dates have yet to be confirmed.

Participant costs: Transport (Airplane ticket & Visa): approximately EUR 950. The Lodwar Community will provide accommodation and food.

Project costs: The aim is to collect € 20.000 to finance the project through private donations, government subsidies, collections at events, churches and other sources. It is important to note that the group needs to work together to collect the money as this works better than having separate collections by students on their own.

Project Associates: &, Germany and Community Service Centre of Strathmore University in Nairobi.

Security: The venue for the KENYA 2018 project has been chosen based on its safety. Lodwar is a peaceful area where all safety requirements will be met.

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Please contact:Reinhard Backes ( & Michael Babu Ochola (

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